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My name is Bryan Laidlaw. I am a time served Heating Engineer (Pipe Fitter and former Pipe Welder) who works in and around Edinburgh. I have over 40 years pipefitting experience in building services and construction. I am punctual, hard working and I consistently produce work of a high standard. I am well organized, efficient at what I do and have a very methodical way of working. With a good eye for detail, I'm the type of person who likes to get the job done. I like to see progress at the end of the day and I always try to leave a job that nobody has to go back too. 

What I Do

I fit pipework for all types of heating and chilled water installations on large to medium sized contracts. I work with screwed steel, welded steel, copper, stainless and plastic pipe.

Where I Do It

Throughout my years in the trade, I've worked all over the UK. I've worked on many multi million pound projects and many smaller scale projects worth a couple of hundred thousand pounds. I've worked in a variety of situations in buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, office blocks, factories, banks and data centres to name a few.

What I Work With

I've worked with many different piping systems and materials in my time as a heating engineer. Manufacturers are always coming up with new systems and fittings which can often be beneficial for the job I'm doing. It pays to keep up to date with the latest fitting systems. Below are some of the things I've fitted.

  • Mild steel screwed from 1/2” up to 4”
  • Welded steel up to 12”
  • Crimped carbon, copper and stainless up to 4”
  • Victaulic grooved up to 8”
  • Welded gas lines up to 10”
  • Steam pipes and steam condensates
  • Copper and plastic condensate lines
  • Compressed air
  • Galvanised steel
  • ABS plastic
  • Fused plastics up to 6”
  • Upunor up to 4”
  • Meplar up to 2”
  • Oil lines
  • Cast pipe
  • Cunifer, Axilock and Chibro

Latest Project 2022

Back At The Engine Yard

What I'm Fitting

Semple Street wasn't for me so I handed in my notice and I'm now back at the Engine Yard. I'm currently fitting around 60 heat interface units (HIU's) in block C2.

Block E1 Complete

Block E2 Complete

Typical HIU Pipework

The above image shows one of the units I've fitted.  I've got 17 fitted so far, only another 43 to go! After that it's on to the final block. The full project is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Older Projects

Projects, Companies And Some Of The Pipework I've Fitted over the past 5 years.

Semple Street Offices

Leith Engine Yard

Murrayburn Primary School

Balgreen Primary School

Edinburgh Art College